Crystals 101

Crystals 101

Crystals for beginners. I had to think about this because I once was a beginner with crystals and believe it or not, at times I feel like a beginner when I’m looking at new crystals. When it comes to crystals I like the feel of the energy they give. This could differ from different crystal experts of course, but for me, I like to really sense what they are trying to say.

I wouldn’t want to teach any of you to suck eggs when you may already know plenty about crystals. But, I have come across a few people that just don’t know where to start with them. Here is my simple step-by-step guide on what is the best thing to do when you receive crystals at your home.

There are just three simple things to do with your crystals; Cleanse, Charge and Programme/intentions.

Cleansing your crystals

Why do you cleanse the crystals? Crystals are porous and they will absorb energy and intentions from anyone that has touched them before they arrive in your own hands. I have two methods that I find that work really well.

Brown rice

A good household item that you can use to cleanse crystals. Bury the crystal/s in the brown rice for 24 hours. The brown rice absorbs any energy that the crystal is withholding. Make sure you throw the brown rice away, as it has absorbed the energy the crystal was holding, you wouldn't want to consume that.

brown rice


This is a great way to cleanse many crystals in one go. Place your crystals altogether, place the incense in the middle and light it and let the incense smoke cleanse the crystals. I sometimes like to make sure the smoke gets around all the crystals, so pick up the incense stick and circle it around all the crystals. In doing this I like to say a little prayer as I am moving the smoke around - “Banish negative energy from these crystals, let love, light and positive energy to remain”. You don’t have to say these words specifically but set the intention that you’d like them to be cleansed.

Charging your crystals

Once your crystals are cleansed they like to be charged, think of your mobile it needs to be charged to perform at its best. There are many different ways you can charge your crystals, I will list a few below which is the best and simplest way.


You can leave your crystals on the windowsill even better if you can leave them outside, it doesn’t have to be a bright sunny day, even cloudy days work, and the sun is still there. Leave them for 30 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend leaving them any longer as the sun can fade the natural colour of your crystal.

Selenite is another crystal and I think should be a standard piece in every crystal collector's items. Selenite is self-cleansing - which is great as you don’t need to cleanse it. Selenite can charge your crystals too. Place any crystals around it for 24 hours. 

Full moon

You can place all your crystals on the windowsill on the night of a full moon, but obviously, you might have to wait till the next full moon. By the morning your crystals have been charged.

full moon


You can now programme your crystals or set intentions on how you want them to work for you. You don’t have to, don’t feel like you are forced to do this. At times you may not know what you’d want from your crystals. Take some time and feel the energy of what your crystals are saying.

If you do decide to set intentions for your crystals, that’s fantastic! Take the single crystal that you want to work with, and place it in both hands. Take a look at all its beauty, now try to imagine a white light around it. Close your eyes, breathe in and say “For my highest good, my intentions for this beautiful crystal is to...[bring me calmness when I start to feel anxious] or [teach me to open my heart to unconditional love], I am so grateful for this crystal that has come into my life". Repeat your intention three times while still imaging a white light around the crystal and imagine putting this intention inside the crystal. When you look at your crystal after this it should look that bit shiner.

Once the intention has been set, this is embedded in the crystal to work with you. Just remember to charge your crystals regularly. I often charge mine weekly just due to the work I do. If it starts looking a little dull, leave it charging for a few days.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the first steps on how to care for, cleanse and love your crystals. 

Love & light

Jenny 💕


Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Photo by Darío Méndez on Unsplash


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