Let's Talk Negative Energy

Negative energy is around us. Is there a way that we can stop it from entering our aura?

Short answer. No. We are constantly surrounded by energy, good or bad. Believe it or not, positive and negative energy are on the same frequency. I've learnt this from one of my crystal healing courses. It's all about vibration. We are vibing high, we are in a positive energy field and if we are vibing lower are in a negative energy field. 

We are all in the same energy field, it's about protecting what vibration you have. We always can't be vibrating high consistently, and we can't be content 24/7. Our human form isn't built to adapt to vibing high. This could be down to chemical and hormonal reactions.

I wanted to point out that when we choose crystals for negative energy, we have to understand what type of negative energy field is around us at the time. From past experiences, I've filtered this down into three different types.

  1. Environmental
  2. External influences
  3. Internal influences


Take your normal household plant/flower. If it doesn't bloom do you blame the plant? Or do you blame the environment it's in? You need to check the soil it's planted in, check the air, the nutrients you feed it. These are key elements that make a plant grow.

These key elements apply to you as well. What are your surroundings like? Negative energy can easily be welcomed in, without you even knowing. Take your front door for example. It’s a portal to your environment, whatever comes in does the energy fit? It’s often best to clean your front door once a month just to get rid of any stagnant energy that is just sitting there.

What crystal can help protect your home environment?

Black tourmaline. It does a fine protection for the front door from any negative energy that might enter. You and place this outside if you have shelter from the rain, if not just placed it by the front door is fine.

I like to add Smoky Quartz by my window. Even better if you have them in chip form as you can just sprinkle some around the corners of the windows. Size really doesn’t matter, they will still work for you. Just remember to cleanse, charge and programme the crystals

External influences

Now this can be slightly tricky but at times we have to face the outside world and by that we are constantly surrounded by ALL energy. We can’t always protect ourselves but we can be prepared. If you are sensitive to external forces, take your time and know that you’re okay. Often we can absorb negative energy around us. As humans we can be quite porous, so often I like to imagine an irradiance gold shield around me, like a bubble. I have the right to protect my energy and so do you.

What crystals can help protect you from external influences of negativity?

Obsidian absorbs negative around and would be suitable to be worn when you’re around external influences. Obsidian can take whatever unhealthy vibrations are being sent your way. 

I also recommend amethyst, why? When you feel your energy is sensitive, making sure the external energy that is heading your way the calmest it can be will make you feel more balanced. It can help with any overwhelming feelings and helps guard your peace.

Internal influences

This could be a trigger for some, but there are times when we are just low. We’re human and our human form has the capacity to feel low. This isn’t necessarily classed as negative but we do ‘feel’ negative. At times we often feel there has been non stop things that weigh us down and can lead to feeling depressed. I for one have come from this place of depression and it isn’t easy at all. This does tie in with the environment influences too. There has been research that depression can have a genetic influence but nothing concrete. Again, this is who we are surrounded by. Often these cases are a mix of chemical imbalance that does affect your hormones and can at times take our mood lower.

What crystals can help protect you from internal influences of negativity?

Crystals are never a quick fix when it comes to healing. We have to do the hard work ourselves and I only suggest this when you’re ready. We need to adjust to what we are feeling and this takes time. Crystals can help you on this journey when you’re ready. I personally think whatever crystal at the time you are drawn to is what you need. I wouldn’t suggest a crystal that will help you internally because this is your body and soul. The only thing I would suggest is step away from your environment if you can and write down the feelings you are feeling. Think about what colours are standing out to you, and ask yourself every single day “What does my soul need today?” Listening to yourself is important. You have every right to question this because it might be time to put yourself first for once.

Love & light

Jenny 💕

Image: Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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