Natural vs Man Made Crystals

Natural vs Man Made Crystals

I've been there, believe me, I ordered a bulk of citrine and smoky quartz tumbles when they arrived. They were dyed, I was pretty gutted, to say the least, but it got me thinking. What is the difference?

Natural crystals
Now natural crystals form underground, it can take a few days to maybe a thousand years to form. Natural crystals are created from heat, gas or liquid. When forming crystals form a crystalline structure.

Man-made crystals
I'm not an expert on how these are formed but I do believe they are made in the lab, some are even made out of resin. They even use resin to fill in chips on natural crystals.
There has been many topics around this for a very long time. Personally, for me, if a crystal brings you joy and happiness I don't really see a fault in that. It could be natural or man-made. I've learnt through many books and studies that man-made crystals that are lab-grown do actually hold energy. Because the process of producing crystals is the same - heat, pressure, gas or liquid. They still hold a crystalline structure. It's just sped up quicker because of the demand we live in in the current climate. We want things yesterday, right? Are we patient enough to let the earth generate crystals naturally?

For the ones that know me, I believe that crystals are so selfless in their act to provide help for us and they are grown by mother earth and things from the earth are free but it's just us humans that put a price tag on them. Yup, this is how the world goes around. I try very hard to lead with the heart and not up my prices for these wonderful gifts from the earth because they are here to help us nurture and grow.

Now I understand that are many and I say many crystal buyers and sellers out there that do not stand for fake/non-natural crystals. We've hit another area here now. When it's said non-natural to me this is the following;

Heat treated crystals

What is heat treatment?

It's when a crystal is exposed to a very high temperature that will change the colour of the crystal. It can lighten or darken the crystal. 

A very good example of this is amethyst being heat treated and being sold as citrine. A lot of quartz can be heat treated and passed as other crystals. But, I still think you would get the same benefits as quartz. Also, I believe after you cleanse, charge and programme the crystals they will do what you have asked for it to do. This is all personal preference too, I personally would rather try to feel the energy of the crystal, I wouldn't dismiss it because it has been heat treated. Some might disagree and would prefer pure crystals as I mentioned this is such a personal preference. 

From what I know rose quartz cannot be heated but it can be dyed.

Also, heat treat crystals are enhanced to bright more trauma to the crystal to crack and reflect more amazing rainbows. 

Aura coated crystals

What is aura coating?

Aura coating is when precious metals like - Gold, silver, platinum or titanium. What tends to happen is these metals are locked and sealed in a vacuum chamber, then the metals are heated to about 800 degrees and the atoms of the metal start to cover the crystal. 

There is a mix of different aura-coated colours and this depends on what metal is used.

Angel aura (rainbow-looking effect) used by Titanium.

Blue aura - used by Gold

Pink aura - used by Platinum


I for one love aura-coated crystals it brings magic to my meditation. This might not be natural but at least when aura coating is used it is by natural materials.

Dyed crystals

What are dyed crystals?
Crystals that are dyed are pretty common, they're dyed to enhance the colour of the crystal if they look a little dull. It's also dyed to be sold as a different crystal. The common ones that I have come across are Howlite dyed to be sold as Turquoise.

It's very common for agate to be dyed and quartz. Dying crystals are just a way to enhance the colour. I do hope that sellers are honest if crystals are dyed, as sellers we do try our best to find out details of the crystals that we supply to ensure they are not dyed. But at times even sellers get swindled.


What does all mean?

Again, this is my personal view on man-made crystals. We all have personal tastes when it comes to crystals and I believe our feelings change over time as when our body calls us to certain crystals. I like aura-coated crystals I know not many will but to be there is something very magical to this, I feel some calling when I look at aura and the process is made with natural material. Also, I'd like to say that crystals don't have a choice in the matter they are selected to be coated. Let me try to put it this way, I dye my hair to cover my glitter sprinkles (greys) does this make me man-made? does it make me not real?

As humans, we do at times try to enhance what we have and I believe this is the same for crystals. I don't really stand for dying crystals but then again I dye my hair lol! But, being surprised by receiving a dyed crystal is very disheartening.

I also think about the process that as humans we are rushing and want the next best thing, when that call is put out to the universe something is always provided but not quite the way we expect. We want things yesterday and speeding the process of lab-grown crystals is expected. But, lab-grown still has a crystalline structure it will hold energy but not quite as strong, I wouldn't dismiss it that quickly. All I can say is that if this crystal brings you joy it means something to you, it can hold a certain memory for you and that is what I deem important.

Let me know your thoughts on man-made crystals. 

Love & light

Jenny 💕

Images used:

Feature image: Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash  

Body images: My own personal images.


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