Rose Quartz Or Kunzite For Love?

Rose Quartz Or Kunzite For Love?

Working with both of these crystals they are very different in their approach to what type of healing or properties you’re after. I wouldn’t necessarily put these together as they both have different energies. Rose quartz is a popular crystal that is loved by many, it’s another recognisable crystal by many. I’m not going to deny rose quartz is a beautiful crystal and you can get many different varieties of rose quartz now. I've lost track of how many but ultimately the soul core of a rose quartz is unconditional love. According to history, rose quartz was first discovered in the 1880s.

Kunzite is another amazing loving crystal that has this beautiful shine to it. Like a silver overlay almost. When I look and touch kunzite it has this loving, gentle feel to it. It supports you, like that loving aunt that encourages you and sees things that others don’t. That is the overarching feeling with kunzite encouragement. Kunzite was first discovered in 1902 as a gemstone.

What do rose quartz and kunzite do?

Rose quartz is a very popular choice for love, compassion, and self-love and most of all it teaches unconditional love and gives heart healing. When I look at rose quartz it has a strong presence about it, like it is meant to stand out. When you’re healing and you start to blossom you do start to stand out and I believe your energy is vibrating high and you start to attract the same level of energy too. It doesn’t necessarily mean attracting love as in a relationship but it could be love in what you like doing finding out what other areas of your life you love.


Kunzite has a more spiritual energy to it, it heals in different areas of your life. It does encourage you to build communication between your heart and mind. This to me is the perfect balance of your human self and your soul self ( I say soul as a reflection of our spirit). Kunzite helps with dealing with inner peace which at times the heart and soul need. Kunzite and bring your soul mate in and attract a romantic relationship.

Which one should you use?

These two are very strong when it comes to opening you up to love and healing the heart in different ways. It is possible to work with both, but I strongly believe and feel that if you’re single and are ready to open yourself to love again, Kunzite would be ideal to attract you to the right loving relationship. Kunzite can help with this and also heal any heart wounds and keeps you open to love opportunities. It speaks to your heart.

Then moving to rose quartz when you’re in that loving relationship. I think you know when you’re ready to move to rose quartz. The reason why is that rose quartz will certainly build a strong love, this is the reason why when I look at them both rose quartz has a strong presence and this would bring this into your relationship to be strong. It also provides unconditional love in the relationship and makes it blossom. Give yourself compassion in a relationship too. We all need to learn to trust ourselves and others to make things work. It helps to attract more love into your life too.

There is room for both I feel. But not at the same time as your heart and soul need to be connected. Not to mention healing from any past upset in previous relationships. What I love about them both is they teach you so much about love in general. Part of any healing journey is understanding that you are worth loving. There have been many moments in my life that I have not felt worthy, I may have thought I was but deep down I didn’t have that self-belief in myself. I spent time with compassionate crystals and stones because they just gave me the energy to work with myself and start to truly love myself and forgive all the times that I didn’t.

Let me know your thoughts on this, what other compassionate crystals do you have?

Love and light

Jenny 💕

Rose Quartz Tower: Photo owned by Me

Kunzite Hearts: Photo owned by Me.

Photo by Azmarina Tanzir on Unsplash

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