What Crystals To Have In Your Home

What Crystals To Have In Your Home

When it comes to your home, it's our safe space, our haven and the one place we know is the one place that we look forward to coming back to.

I recently did a lovely live talk on Instagram and it was about negative energy, the one place we don't really want that type of energy is our home. At times energies can filter through and linger in our homes. In this talk, there were fantastic responses from people and how they keep their homes cleansed and fresh.

Placing crystals around your home are not only beautiful pieces to admire but they can bring the balance of what energy you're looking for in your home. Each room in your home can give you certain levels of energy that you require so decorating these rooms can also give your soul that nourishment you need.

I have rented a fair few places and I know how important it can be when you want to come home to a balanced household. Let's start with your front door. This to me is the portal of what energies you bring in and also what you bring out into the world.

So, what crystals to have in your home?

The front door is the main hub of what you welcome into your home. You want this area to be protected. Grounding crystals or stones are fantastic pieces to keep at the front door.

Black Tourmaline: This is the bee's knees when it comes to protection. It absorbs energy that isn't welcomed. It is strong enough to withhold this for you, remember to set your intentions on what you want it to do. I would often charge this black tourmaline if you keep this at the front door. 

Clear Quartz: You will be able to place these outside your front door because clear quartz can get wet if it happens to rain, it won't fade too much in the sun. But I think the best way to place these is inside a plant pot that is around your home, even place a plant pot by your front door. This really does keep unwelcome energy away from your home. Again, I would set your intentions of what you want clear quartz to do.

When it comes to overall protection around the outside of your home, sprinkle some Smoky Quartz chips around the outside.


When it comes to the bathroom, this is the place you keep clean and wash anything away from the day. The bathroom has high water content naturally so you do need some crystals or stones that are water friendly.

Clear Quartz: Perfect to have in the bathroom as clear quartz is very water friendly and great for overall cleansing in the room. Keeping the bathroom a safe space.

Amethyst: The beautiful amethyst will keep you relaxed and calm, when you're soaking in the bath, take some amethyst with you, it will be a great distresser.

Rose Quartz: A stunning piece to have in the bathroom, giving the vibe of self-love and self-care. Having a piece of this in the bathroom will ooze care and love into your routine.

Living room

Crystals In The Living Room

Now this is the place you want to feel relaxed, a place where you put your feet up and not think about anything external. You need to feel calm and just be yourself. If you have children or pets this is the hub of where the home is. Now this could vary depending on how you want this living space to be.

Amethyst: Again, this is another beautiful crystal to have in the living room. It just keeps things calm and all together. Also, there is always something very magical with amethyst. It can take you to places when you're daydreaming and provide answers that you could be seeking. 

Amazonite: What a beautiful green stone that can reduce stress and also provide emotional well-being. It can help clear your mind and focus on you.

Fluorite: This magic piece of crystal brings peace and positivity to your living space. It can be used at times for concentrating and focus but fluorite gives a good balance of both when needed. It offers a clear vision of how you want the vibe to be like in your living room.

Citrine: This brings happiness and joy. Citrine has this beam of wonder and abundance. It brings positive vibes to the place and having a piece of citrine in your living space will raise the vibration in the room. (Not going to lie, I've got three pieces in my living room).


Now the kitchen can be a place where all things happen, it is the heart of a home I feel. All things happen in there, cooking, washing, cleaning, dining and conversations. Keeping the kitchen cleansed is the best thing just to keep the air light and free.

Clear Quartz: The crystal (no pun intended clear, and keeps the kitchen cleansed and clean. The energy from clear quartz is being mindful and also it can absorb negative energy that can be lingering around.

Amethyst:  Now I've heard from the grapevine that amethyst can ease a hangover. So maybe have one close by if you're deciding to have a few glasses. The good thing about amethyst is that it detoxifies foods too, it will make you think twice about your health and what you put in your body. 

Rose Quartz: As mentioned the kitchen can be the heart of the home and love is needed there. Putting love into the food you make, and adding love to what we do is an added benefit to our health. Rose quartz will offer this unconditionally.

Obsidian: This has strong protection and keeps the aura in the place feeling strong. If you have a busy kitchen this stone is the one to have. It can put a shield up for negative feelings.


Crystals To Have In the Bedroom

A bedroom is a place of rest and for our bodies to recharge. When we sleep at night our subconscious takes us on a ride and we have dreams that at times don't make sense to us. Keeping yourself protected is vital.

Obsidian: Keep a piece of this next to your bed or under your bed. It can help with protecting you while sleeping. It has strong psychic protection. When you sleep at night your mind is free to wander and this can help keep you protected from any negative forces.

Amethyst: The calming of this crystal will helps you sleep, if you do have trouble sleeping this can help ease you into sleep. I often daze at my amethyst before sleeping.

Rose Quartz: Yup fill your room with love. It's a place of comfort and love should be around for that. Keep this under your pillow it's so loving it's like being hugged while sleeping.

Carnelian: Not going to lie, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom this stone will not falter. Keep it under your bed and things will get rather steamy.

Selenite: Keeping the bedroom's aura cleansed will keep the room feeling light and not stuffy. It will have a feeling of peace and breathable.

Smoky Quartz: A beautiful protect crystal that will usher out any negative feeling or energy in the room that might be stagnant in there.

I hope this bring some love, healing and light to your home.

Love & light

Jenny 💕

Images used:

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

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