What Crystals Do I Start With?

What Crystals Do I Start With?

Whether you’re new to crystals or an expert I can tell you that my crystal mood changes and I am sure your selection of crystals will too. But if I had to choose one crystal/s that never fails me. It would be clear quartz and amethyst.

It isn’t much of a secret that your body will naturally tell you or there is a gut sensation that you’re drawn to a crystal you see. Listening to your body is important when starting with crystals, your body can never lie.

There are plenty of beginner kits out there to get you started on your crystal journey, but what does this mean to you? The key ingredient here is you, plain and simple. I could easily tell you to start with several crystals but they may not have a calling for you, but all is not lost. When it feels confusing where to start with crystals - let's face it, it can be. Clarity is what is needed. So, I always recommend starting with clear crystals that will give you that. As mentioned earlier, clear quartz is just one of the two crystals that I turn to.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer in books, internet searches and word of mouth, to me clear quartz is home. When I look at clear quartz my heart dances and along with amethyst its the same feeling. I suggest working with clear quartz first for multiple reasons.

  • Universal healing
  • Shows clarity
  • There's no hidden secrets

When you work with clear crystals it shows you how important it is to be ‘crystal clear’ with yourself. There are no hidden agendas. When you work with crystals you want things to be clear for you to see what needs healing or what clear message you want to hear.

Beginners to crystals try to work with clear quartz, it is a friendly versatile crystal that will work for you how you want. Working with one crystal at first will give you the connection and imprinting you can feel. Does the look of the clear quartz matter? No, whether it’s cloudy, transparent, filled with inclusions and rainbows, it does not matter. This is your piece of haven, make it your own.

How do you start with your first crystal?

Before even starting to work with crystals ask yourself “What healing do I need?” or “why have I been called to work with this crystal?” Take your time, ask this question once a day before even touching clear quartz. You’ll get there, it's all within you, it just needs unlocking.

When you’ve got your answer remember to cleanse, charge and programme. If you don’t know how to do this I’ve got a very simple crystal 101 guide that will help. 

Once you’ve done cleansing, the fun part starts. I say fun because you’re about to step into connecting with a wonderful piece of magic. This is the start of your journey and no one else, take your time, don’t rush and don’t have high expectations. Our soul overtime has been programmed into human life, it can take time to unwind and show the true you.


What should I do next?

Depending on what you have programmed your crystal to do, you have to put the work in. Meet the crystal programme half way, try to understand and listen to what it says to you. Meditation is such a great way to connect with the crystal. How?

  • Hold the crystal in your right hand while meditating, you’re receiving its magic
  • Ask your magical crystal questions - get to know what magic they hold
  • Ask it where it likes you to focus your intentions

Over time your crystal will gain more energy for you. Crystals are amazing and will adapt to your needs. The more daily use or even daily body connection it becomes part of you. It has the brain power to keep learning more about you. But, remember to charge your crystal regularly, we all need to feel recharged and so does your crystal. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Be patient, if you feel things might not be working or you’re not getting anything. It still needs to connect with you and download your needs. Don’t give up on it, you chose this crystal for a reason and it came to you for a reason.

If you have any questions, why not book a 20 minute crystal consultation with me.

Love & light

Jenny 💕

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