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Healing Me Crystals

Amethyst Sphere - 280

Amethyst Sphere - 280

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Very large amethyst sphere that has druzy detail but no open druzy.  The back is all quartz the amethyst is a lovely purple colour.

Weight: 1.36kg

Dimensions: 9.9cm

Amethyst helps with learning to view life experiences from a high perspective, can help with addiction, helps dispel anxiety and grow with self-love.

Planets: Jupiter
Zodiac: Pieces ♓
Charka: Heart, Third Eye and Crown

💮 Amethyst also helps with:
💜 Discharges negative energy
💜 Enhances intuition
💜 Helps act with divine love
💜 Helps release emotional trauma
💜 Helps sleep and addiction


Please note:

These crystals are polished but may have natural chips and imperfections. Please message me if you have any questions about this item/s. If item is chipped it will be mentioned in the description.

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