Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst, the magical, spiritual and enlightening crystal that always has a place in my heart. I like to call amethyst the purple goddess, the energy that comes from amethyst is peaceful, loving and just so calming.

I've always been drawn to amethyst despite how my mood might change or what healing I feel my body or sprite needs. The purple has always been my favourite colour and there is no big surprise that amethyst is one of my favourites.

When I started working with amethyst I took my time, I just didn't know what to expect but I knew it brought me comfort. I do think it's important when you're working with crystals to understand what you want from them. As I have always said, they are selfless beings that want to help.

If you do find yourself drawn to certain crystals or even a certain colour, have a little think about why. Remember to always cleanse and charge your crystals first. It's nice to give the little beauties a clean slate to work with you. I cleanse, charge and program the crystals to teach me what I need to heal. After all, you have chosen this crystal for a reason and I am sure it has many wonderful things to tell you.


What is amethyst?

Let's have a little talk about the pretty purple goddess. Amethyst is part of the quartz family and if I had to put my neck out there it's probably one the most recognisable crystals around the world. The name Amethyst is from the Greek word "Amethystos" Which translates to "not intoxicated". Most amethyst are supplied from Brazil and Uruguay but it has been known to be sourced from Siberia, Sri Lanka and the Far East too.

Now, amethyst can be heat treated at a very high degree and be sold as Citrine. So, as a seller they should be honest in telling you that an item of citrine is actually heat treated. I've written a blog about this here

Healing properties of amethyst

I firmly believe you have to be open minded when it comes to healing and that you have to put the work in too. Meeting your little help halfway is teamwork. As mentioned before, the Greek word for Amethyst translated to “not intoxicated” I have heard that this can help with hangovers, to help with not being intoxicated, There is a story behind this. It was said that amethyst was used as a serving glass and pouring red wine would create the illusion to others that drinking wing could avoid intoxication. I’m not saying go out there and drink to your heart's content, that would mean you’re testing yourself! But, it’s moderation and I think wearing a piece might remind you to take care. As I don’t drink anymore I’d love to hear from others if this is the case. Please leave me a comment.


Amethyst has many properties and the best one out of the bunch of goodness for me is that it can give you a sense of warmth and gratitude that surrounds you. 

But there are many other properties that amethyst can provide and here are just a few;

  • It can help with sleep - Due to the calming nature of amethyst it can sooth you to to be in a restful state before bedtime.
  • Anxiety & Stress - Amethyst is quite popular when it comes to anxiety. The colour purple is very relaxing and amethyst can repel any negative thoughts. Stress can overtake the body at times and amethyst keeps you level and calm.
  • Travellers stone - Amethyst is a safe travel crystal. It’s your little buddy to keep you safe and protected. So if you travel a lot keep this in your pocket. 
  • Spiritual awakening - Amethyst is related to the third eye and crown chakra. Amethyst is an amplifier and using this can awaken your spiritual journey.
  • Protection - Amethyst has a great shield to ward off any negative feeling or that negative energy feeling that at times over-come us, it has a loving shield that can make you feel protected.

These are just some of my feelings towards amethyst and its healing properties it can provide. But I am sure once you start working with amethyst it will bring you insightful experiences you may have not had before. Amethyst is a soft, gentle and loving crystal that is great for beginners to work with, there is nothing harsh, sharp or heavy but it will work hard for you to bring balance and peace in your life.

Love & light
Jenny 💕

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